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Content is key...latest stats revealed by Hubspot

If you're a B2B marketer who isn't investing in content creation, you're in the minority. According to the attached article below by Hubspot -- 79% of B2B marketers surveyed by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs said their organization used content marketing to further their goals in 2020.

Developing a sound content marketing strategy is worth it: They found that blogs are among the primary three forms of media used in content strategies today.

In fact, 24% of marketers increased their investment in content marketing last year.

As 2021 is in full swing, we wanted to talk with more B2B content marketers to see what trends they're looking out for in H2.

2021 B2B Content Marketing Trends to Watch

  1. Content-supported ABM.

  2. More comprehensive content to support multiple channels.

  3. Increased reliance on contractors.

  4. Focusing on original content rather than keywords.

  5. Emphasizing digital marketing.

  6. Expanding budgets and expertise.

You can read the entire article via the link below:

Content. Content. Content. Then follow up to see what is the most beneficial and pertinent to your prospect's situation.

Happy selling!

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