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Check This Out! Intelligent Automation Demonstrated. 300% ROI Inside Financial Services.

Good Saturday morning! I enjoy waking up at my usual 6 AM and taking the time to read the WSJ, browse some case studies, and reflect on what's working or not working in our industry. This morning I was reviewing some of the latest updates on technology deployments with one of my clients, Speridian Technologies ( I don't know about you but I have to admit that video case studies are impactful. Especially when they take real life stories and examples in our industry vertical. So, I thought I would share one of the best examples for my financial services colleagues this morning.

First, let's set the scenario of the pain or challenge many of us are dealing with in financial service and mortgage operations. We're facing increasing demands to find methods and ways of making our operations more efficient while exceeding customer expectations continue to grow. Everyone wants faster speed to answer, better NPS scores, and most importantly a stronger bottom line every month. How do you achieve this today? Especially with over half of your staff working remotely?

One key technology and business process strategy taking hold of CEO, COO, & CIO agendas this year (even prior to Covid) is the deploying of intelligent automation and machine learning. I might have already started planning or deploying within your organization. However, for some of you that are just entering this space, you most likely are dealing with the pain associated with identifying the right partner, the right processes, and the right time to get started. I know It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to implementing the right deep learning and automation solution in your business. How do you determine which is right for you?

Together, M. Allen and Speridian Technologies helps you cut through the noise in the marketplace to zero in on the path that fits your specific requirements. What better way than showing an example within a financial services company. I encourage you to watch the 3 minute video that demonstrates a 300% ROI for a financial services client:

Short Term - Use cases are clear: your workforce desperately needs augmentation.

We need AI to help get work done—and not just in terms of automation. Human-AI collaboration is playing a role in the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine. Many financial service businesses are working with reduced staff and new distancing rules and will face lingering economic impacts after the pandemic is over. AI can help people dream up new solutions and ideas to build a more flexible organization. It can ease the burden of operating in a post-COVID world by becoming the vehicle that enterprises use to pivot as situations change. Deep Learning - By leveraging our M. Allen & Speridian Technologies resources who are dedicated to understanding the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), we’ll help you:

  • Create programs and bots that learn from a specific data set and produce reliable, repeatable processes

  • Detect fraud in transactions and avoid accounting pitfalls and nightmares

  • Gain insight into what customers are saying about you on social media to implement better customer service and brand awareness

  • Replace the checker checking the checkers methods being used today in many mortgage lending/servicer back-offices

Speridian Technologies Advantages with AI Include:

  • RPA and Machine Learning Managed Services for easy implementation

  • Deep knowledge and expertise while remaining vendor-neutral

  • ROI models to help you achieve goals and predict business impact

  • Right-sized infrastructure consulting to support your machine learning goals

  • End-to-end implementation and integration expertise

The need for innovation is greater than ever, driven by new challenges that are more disruptive than most have ever faced. The question for you and your team: How fast can you act? Ps: I'm attaching a great piece on the road ahead in financial services by the The Economist. Enjoy the reading and learning this weekend. When you're ready....would enjoy an opportunity to share how we can help achieve your AI and automation goals together. - Matt Slonaker, CEO of M. Allen llc, and email

Download • 2.61MB

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