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CEOs: The 6 C's of Hiring Fractional Executives

Since Christopher McKenna signaled the rise of ‘The World’s Newest Profession’ by publishing his book in 2006, the trend towards hiring and deploying management consultants has only been on the rise. One of the newest categories of management consulting is the Fractional Executive. But how does a CEO go about selecting one? Surely it’s not the same process and set of qualities you’d look for in an executive hire?

It turns out there are both obvious and subtle differences. Here are the 6 critical dimensions or qualities to assess when hiring a Fractional Executive for your business:

#1 Credibility – Does their resume demonstrate success and maturity?

When considering hiring a Fractional Executive, one of the key factors to assess is their credibility. In the case of M. Allen LLC's founder, Matt Slonaker, our resume showcases a track record of success and business maturity. As the Founder & CEO of M. Allen LLC, I have served over two dozen clients since 2020, generating over $200+ million in opportunity pipeline for clients. With his experience at renowned organizations like JP Morgan Chase, H&R Block, and FirstSource, I have managed over a billion dollars of revenue and won significant deals, including a $33 million annual revenue contract with a Top 5 U.S. Bank. My achievements as a military veteran and recognition as Blue Jacket Sailor of the Year further demonstrate my credibility and leadership qualities.

#2 Capability – How relevant is their experience to your needs?

In evaluating a Fractional Executive, it is crucial to assess the relevance of their experience to your business needs. My experience spans a wide range of environments, from startups to multibillion-dollar market leaders. I have a solid background in revenue enablement, information technology, and business development. My achievements as an SVP Business Development, EVP/Chief Revenue Officer, and VP Loss Mitigation highlight my diverse ability to drive revenue growth, transform business processes, and mitigate losses. Our diverse experience positions us as a valuable candidate capable of addressing various challenges and driving results.

#3 Curiosity – Do they dig out insights, or come in with answers?

Curiosity is a vital quality to look for when hiring a Fractional Executive. my track record demonstrates curiosity and ability to dig out insights. My entrepreneurial mindset and passion for driving growth have led me to generate over $200 million in opportunity pipeline for clients. Our strategic thinking and ability to uncover valuable insights make him a valuable asset in guiding initiatives and finding innovative solutions to business challenges.

#4 Courage – Will they speak up, even when unpopular?

The courage to speak up, even when unpopular, is a crucial quality in a Fractional Executive. While it may be challenging to gauge this trait during the hiring process, it is important to recognize its value. My experience as a leader in various organizations showcases our willingness to take risks and address issues head-on. Our ability to identify misalignments, ask tough questions, and provide honest feedback demonstrates my courage and commitment to driving positive change.

#5 Chemistry – Do YOU get along with them?

Chemistry between the CEO and the Fractional Executive is fundamental to a successful engagement. It is crucial for the CEO to have a positive rapport with the Fractional Executive to foster trust, effective communication, and collaboration. Ultimately, the CEO should feel comfortable working with the Fractional Executive and be confident in their abilities. Assessing the compatibility and personal connection is essential to ensure a productive working relationship.

#6 Culture – How do they fit in with your management team, and others?

In addition to chemistry between the CEO and the Fractional Executive, it is important to consider how the Fractional Executive fits into the company's culture. The Fractional Executive should align with the values, goals, and dynamics of the management team and the organization as a whole. My experience in leading teams and working with global brands such as JP Morgan Chase, H&R Block, and FirstSource demonstrates my ability to adapt to different environments. my expertise and interpersonal skills position me to integrate seamlessly with diverse teams and contribute to the company's culture.

By considering these six critical dimensions or qualities - Credibility, Capability, Curiosity, Courage, Chemistry, and Culture - CEOs can make informed decisions when hiring Fractional Executives. My impressive background and accomplishments exemplify how I fulfill each of these qualities, making me a strong candidate for a Fractional Executive role.

Interested to learn more and connect, please see my information below to schedule a twenty minute initial consult.

Thank you.


Matt Slonaker Founder & CEO of M. Allen (M) 972.740.4300 (E) (W)

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