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Case Study: Achieving a 2X Sales Transformation

In this case study, we delve into the transformative journey of M. Allen, a Go-to-Market/Fractional Revenue Resource/Service Provider who successfully increased revenue by 2X, exceeding $35 million, over a span of three years. By leveraging buyer research, strategic enablement of the sales team, and effective positioning strategies, M. Allen was able to achieve remarkable results in terms of new revenue, win ratio, and overall business growth.


M. Allen's primary objective was to explore avenues to increase revenue by 2X in the next three years. To accomplish this, a thorough understanding of the core value proposition of the new offering was essential. M. Allen conducted targeted interviews with potential prospects, aiming to gain insight into how the new business model could benefit their organizations. These qualitative interviews provided valuable insights that were subsequently validated through surveys and in-person interviews at a major conference.


Through meticulous documentation and validation of the value proposition, M. Allen successfully enabled the sales team to capture the attention of prospects. A positioning playbook was developed, providing sales executives with talk-tracks that emphasized the urgency for a discussion. Additionally, M. Allen equipped the team with positioning statements, buyer personas, and customer quotes, reinforcing the value proposition and lending credibility to the claims made.

By implementing effective sales management practices and pipeline management strategies, M. Allen secured several anchor accounts, including a significant end-to-end REO asset management, title, valuation, property preservation, and online auction with U.S. Bancorp within the first year at the company. This achievement resulted in an annual new revenue surpassing $35 million.

The efforts led by M. Allen resulted in an impressive win ratio of over 33%, representing a 10-point increase from the baseline ratio at the entry into the client organization. This success was further amplified with 207 deals won across three sales channels and client verticals.


Upon joining the company, M. Allen identified several challenges that needed to be addressed. The client relied heavily on a single anchor client and had limited diversity in their product offerings. As the market became increasingly competitive, it became evident that a refined sales strategy was necessary. The average sales price had plateaued after years of steady growth, indicating the need for pricing guardrails to prevent margin erosion. Moreover, the client lacked new customer activity, with the majority of revenue generated from established accounts. Additionally, the absence of a formal account management program and limited cross-selling opportunities hindered their growth potential. Lastly, there was a lack of market awareness regarding the client's products and services outside the government vertical.


Through meticulous research, strategic enablement, and effective positioning, M. Allen successfully orchestrated a 2X sales transformation, surpassing revenue targets and achieving significant business growth. By taking a customer-centric approach, M. Allen was able to uncover valuable insights, validate the value proposition, and equip the sales team with the necessary tools to secure new accounts. The remarkable results achieved, including annual new revenue exceeding $35 million, a notable win ratio improvement, and numerous successful deals across multiple sales channels, highlight M. Allen's expertise in driving sales transformation and positioning the company for long-term success.

To schedule a consult and dive deeper into your unique situation, please contact Matt via the information below:

Matt Slonaker Founder & CEO of M. Allen (M) 972.740.4300 (E) (W)

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