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Bots & More Bots..Power of Human Interaction with RPA

Good morning. When you’re thinking about automation, plan to maximize both bot and human resources. Sometimes the highest impact use cases are ‘unattended,’ where a bot can complete a whole process end-to-end without a human. But some organizations have a wealth of untapped potential in ‘hybrid’ use cases, where a bot and a human work together to complete a process.

This is a powerful concept, as an on-desktop bot can be assisting a human while another bot is completing another piece of the process concurrently.

As we think enterprise IT resources are missing out on a lot of value. We’ve estimated that 85% of processes are a combination of structured and unstructured sequences; having a desktop bot working with a virtual bot could automate much more than what we do today.

Learn more about the power of Bots and RPA by checking out our executive briefs. Even better, contact to learn how their partner, Speridian Technologies, is delivering on this ROI thriller!

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