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Awesome Delivery....Case Studies Revealed

Our awesome client, Awesome Technologies Inc. (ATI), has been delivering value and strategic outcomes for lenders within the mortgage industry. I'm attaching four key case studies that demonstrate how. Includes Robotic Process Automation, Web Development, System/LOS integrations and more.

The Challenge In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in regulatory pressures concerning submission of timely borrower related documents & information. It has become a must for financial services firms to comply with strict policies to prevent noncompliance fines. The price of non-compliance is high institutions failing to meet regulatory rules have been subject to fines. For this Cascade Financial Services, complying with the requirements is a top priority. However, it found that relying on manual methods to perform the necessary work was far too time-consuming and cost-intensive. Highly skilled resources were spending hours of their day working on systems, this exercise is both time consuming & prone to errors. Nor it is effective to keeping pace and neither it is scalable.

Download PDF • 220KB

The Challenge MLB is aligning their corporate strategy to move fast by the help of using technology. They are looking for a CMS, Corporate Branding and Security Integration in SharePoint Application which linked with Power BI for Reporting.

Download PDF • 299KB

The Challenge Encompass is a Loan Origination System, whereas Resware is a Title Production Software. Almost all of Unisource clients are using Unisource service for title, for the same reason Unisource wanted a system where they can automate the process of uploading of title documents, from Encompass to Resware.

Download PDF • 103KB

The Challenge Eustis Mortgage is one of the companies in the group which wants website face-lift at the same time, they want to integrate their lead-funnel with their back-end application, so borrowers can directly submit their loan-applications to their loan origination core-application.

Download PDF • 258KB

For additional insights and information on Awesome Technologies, please contact or visit

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