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Auto Finance Quarterly Trend Report by Experian

Great overview of the auto finance market. Key highlights include:

  • Captives continue to increase market share

  • Average fico credit scores increase 4 points for new and 8 for used vehicles

  • Electric vehicles have the highest credit scores with BMW and the Model Y generating the highest by Make & Model

  • Captives show large share increase for new financing

  • New financing maintains steady increase in scores

  • Michigan and the Northeast have the greatest share of new state financing as lease

  • Honda maintains it’s lead as the most leased make

  • Subprime new originations reach recession levels

  • What are consumers financing? Over 55% of new vehicles financed are SUVs

  • New loan attribute summary: payments reach record high

  • Leasing payments and terms increase YOY

  • Vehicle values and LTV increase

  • 72-month loans dominate the quarter

  • Used loan attribute summary: used loan amounts & term hit record highs while payments surpass $400 for the first time

Experian's full automotive finance analysis is attached below for your review:

Download PDF • 3.84MB

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