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Achieving 2x Growth with M. Allen - The Right Partner, The Right Strategy, The Right Actions

The quote, 'The right people will stay it out with you,' captures the essence of achieving success in business growth. This phrase, although simple, encapsulates a profound truth that lies at the heart of M. Allen's approach as a fractional Chief Revenue Officer and go-to-market sales consultant.

M. Allen is not just an individual or consultant, but a partner who stays with you throughout the journey, navigating the challenges of achieving 2x growth. He is the 'right' person who 'stays it out' with his clients, contributing knowledge, strategies, and steadfast commitment to their vision.

The first significant contribution M. Allen brings is his expertise. With years of experience in revenue generation and sales strategies, he offers insights that can dramatically shift the trajectory of a business. His approach is not about applying generic strategies but about understanding the unique needs of each business and tailoring techniques to meet those needs. This approach is akin to a command, a control option, a means to steer businesses towards their desired future.

Achieving 2x growth is not just about increasing sales or revenue. It's about creating a sustainably profitable business model. M. Allen helps clients identify the right strategies and the right people to implement those strategies. He believes in the power of teams and in empowering those teams to drive growth. This is where the figure 'i' in the quote becomes significant - it stands for 'individual' and highlights the importance of each team member in the overall growth journey.

Furthermore, M. Allen's role doesn't end with providing strategies and insights. He is committed to follow through, to 'stay it out' with his clients until the desired growth is achieved. He is there to adapt strategies in real-time, respond to changing market conditions, and ensure the business remains on the path to success.

Ultimately, the journey to 2x growth is not a solitary one. It requires the right people, the right strategies, and the right partners who are willing to stay it out with you. And M. Allen embodies all these aspects, making him an invaluable asset for businesses aiming for significant growth.

In summary, the journey to 2x growth requires more than just ambition. It requires partnership, expertise, and commitment. With M. Allen, businesses not only find a consultant but a partner who is ready to weather the storms and celebrate the victories on the journey to success. He is, indeed, the right person who will stay it out with you.

Our Brand & Our Logo's Story:

The M. Allen logo is a vivid representation of the company's mission as a B2B revenue growth consultant. The logo, as described, prominently features the name 'M. Allen', signaling the personal and expert commitment behind the brand.

The typography is strong and confident, underscoring the company's authority and expertise in the business growth domain. The use of bold and clear lettering suggests transparency, trust, and reliability, critical values for any business looking to foster long-term relationships.

The phrase 'Growth in Action' is a powerful statement that encapsulates the brand's promise. This underlines M. Allen's proactive approach to driving business growth. It suggests a dynamic, forward-moving perspective, illustrating that the company is not about passive strategies but about implementing actionable steps that translate into real, tangible growth for its clients.

In summary, the M. Allen logo stands for expertise, reliability, and a hands-on, results-oriented approach to B2B revenue growth consulting.

About Our Founder &

Your Growth Partner: Matt Slonaker

“From Navy Commendations to Billion-Dollar Revenue Management.”

Using analytics, my passion to win, challenging the status quo, and my diverse set of skills to develop an increase in top-line and bottom-line results.

As a results-driven executive with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, generating new business, and leading successful teams. With over a billion dollars of revenue managed and $200 million in new revenue won, I demonstrate and strive on being a visionary leader who thrives in a wide range of environments - from startups to multibillion-dollar market leaders.

As the Founder & CEO of M. Allen LLC, served over 21 clients since founding the company in the Pandemic of 2020. Developing the entire company infrastructure while fueling $200+ million in opportunity pipeline for clients. Services provided to the clients ranged in strategy, go-to-market, marketing, factional Chief Revenue Officer duties, and business development.

Expertise extends across operations, revenue enablement, and information technology. As an SVP Business Development with a global BPM company, generated over $48.3 million in annual revenue opportunity pipeline creation during the first year. As EVP/Chief Revenue Officer at a mortgage fintech/service provider, oversaw a total of 207-plus deals boarded during his employ, generating over $30M in new revenue added to the top-line.

Core skills include C-level executive leadership, business ownership, real estate owned and asset management, system analysis and improvement, value-added strategic initiative management, product development and go-to-market/sales strategy, technology development and program management, revenue building and growth, business development and sales, P&L and performance management, team building, coaching, and mentoring, lending, collections, bankruptcy, foreclosure and loss mitigation, and account-based marketing.

As an operations executive at companies like Bear Stearns, Countrywide and others, some key results achieved include:

  • During the 2009 financial crisis, served as the SVP for top five U.S. Bank affiliate and responsible for the portfolio management of 14,000 real estate owned assets. This included leadership over 100 personnel and improving the total liquidation ratio while generating improvement in value recoveries.

  • As the Head of Default Strategy at a top rated Special Mortgage Servicer, launched the pilot development of the field loss mitigation unit. During this time, the team of 10 professionals saved over 1,500 customers from foreclosure during the six-month pilot. I personally went out in Socal on the weekends and knocked on thirty homes and helped over half of the borrowers get their loan situation resolved (prior to hiring frontline reps - wanted to prove the concept).

  • During our time at top rated mortgage servicer and affiliate of a Fortune 250 company, oversaw 160+ staff members across 3 global sites along with $80+BB non-prime servicing portfolio of 400,000 loans. Responsibilities included leading the loss mitigation, servicing analytics, and contact management and strategy organizations. Achieved $68.4MM improvement in losses mitigated by achieving 30+% increase in loan resolutions.

Aside from these career accomplishments, I have donated my time as a career coach for military veterans in transition to the civilian sector since 2017 through ACP non-profit. My passion for giving back is just one of the many reasons why peers and colleagues respect having me on their team.

If you're looking for a passionate leader with a track record of driving growth and success, look no further. Connect with me via the information below:

Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen

(M) 972.740.4300 (E)

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