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A little about our story and why we do what we do...

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships. " - Dr. Stephen Covey

I believe success comes from deliberately creating lifelong customers who stay engaged for decades, continuing to buy whatever we bring forward next, so that getting one of these customers for life and not just a transaction. It's a start to a lifelong relationship. More importantly for all parties, we're liking each other, trusting each other, and want to do business with each other.

In order to do this, you need to earn and keep the trust of your customers.

Somewhat disappointing, financial services and banks scored the lowest out of a study performed by StrategyOne on behalf of Edelman. The interviews were conducted with 30,000 college graduates whose household incomes were in the top quartile for their age, and who follow news-worthy issues several times a week.

Again, banking and financial services finished with a trust score % of 45-47% while tech firms/industry was on top at 79%, automobile at 66% and food/beverage came in third on the list at 64% trust.

We have ground to make up folks and look forward to hearing your thoughts on why our industry is so low with this trust ranking?

Like any relationship in your life that turns into something of value, customers and prospects alike will be asking: "who are you, what are you about, and what do you stand for?"

So on that note, I've put together the enclosed story and video for those that want to dive deeper into these key questions.

Happy viewing and I hope we get a chance to learn more about your story as well. Share with me if you would like please.

Thank you.


Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen LLC

Download PDF • 2.93MB

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