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A Better Way to Build Your Sales Team

Pipeline, revenue, and customer retention are often hailed as the holy trinity for solving problems. However, despite their significance, the hiring process for sales leadership positions is often not given the attention it deserves. This blog post explores why sales leadership hiring should be taken more seriously and highlights the pitfalls of common hiring practices. Furthermore, it emphasizes the critical role of sales in the overall success of a company and offers a better approach to building a strong sales team.

1. Recognizing the Flaws in Traditional Hiring Processes:

a. Using the same hiring process as every other role: Sales leadership roles require a unique set of skills and attributes. Employing the same hiring process for these positions as other roles may overlook crucial aspects specific to sales leadership.

b. Relying solely on personal referrals: While introductions from one's network can be valuable, assuming that they guarantee an exceptional hire may lead to overlooking other qualified candidates. A comprehensive evaluation is necessary to make an informed decision.

c. Neglecting the hiring process: Approaching sales leadership hiring without a well-defined strategy or simply "winging it" can have detrimental effects on the quality of hires and the overall success of the sales team.

d. Ignoring candidate experience: Failing to prioritize candidate experience during the hiring process due to time constraints can create a negative impression of the company and deter top talent from joining.

e. Choosing recruiting firms that mistreat candidates: Selecting a recruiting firm that does not prioritize respectful and fair treatment of candidates reflects poorly on the company's values and may hinder the recruitment of top-tier sales leaders.

2. The Critical Role of Sales in Business Success:

Sales should not be considered a necessary evil, but rather a vital component of the business chain. Regardless of how exceptional a product or marketing strategy may be, if the sales link is weak, the overall success of the company will be compromised. Sales leadership plays a crucial role in driving revenue, building strong customer relationships, and ensuring sustained growth.

3. The Challenge of Seeking Help:

Acknowledging the need for assistance in the hiring process can be difficult. However, failing to do so and experiencing the subsequent poor results can be even more challenging. Recognizing the importance of hiring the right sales leaders and seeking appropriate support is a critical step towards building a high-performing sales team.

4. Embracing a Better Way:

Despite the challenges, there is hope for improving the sales leadership hiring process. By adopting a more thoughtful and strategic approach, companies can increase their chances of securing top sales talent. This includes:

- Tailoring the hiring process to the unique requirements of sales leadership roles.

- Expanding the search beyond personal networks to ensure a diverse pool of candidates.

- Investing time and effort in designing a comprehensive and effective hiring process.

- Prioritizing candidate experience to create a positive impression of the company.

- Partnering with recruiting firms that value respectful and fair treatment of candidates.

Sales leadership hiring should be given the attention and care it deserves. Recognizing the flaws in traditional hiring practices and understanding the critical role of sales in business success is essential. By embracing a better way of hiring, companies can build a strong executive team that drives revenue, fosters customer relationships, and navigates challenging markets. If you need assistance or guidance in improving your sales leadership hiring process, feel free to reach out. Together, we can build a sales team poised for success.

Matt Slonaker Founder & CEO of M. Allen (M) 972.740.4300 (E) (W)

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