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73% of respondents viewed CEOs on social media as more trustworthy leaders

Survey was completed by BrandFog and reveals key trends with executive leadership utilizing social media to fuel growth.

If you're just launching your executive social media program, here are some key actions and tips to follow:

1) Differentiate: The leader requires a definitive voice and position. They should be established as a thought leader in one specific field first instead of trying to encompass the entire industry. Example, rather than proclaiming the entire industry of "content development," focus on the more niche industry of "video content development for Linkedin."

2) Thought Leadership & Value: It's not about surface-level chatter. It's about deeper insight and valuable perspectives. This equates to developing a steady or regular cadence of self-owned published content to be shared and used via social media, alongside thoughtful expert commentary related to industry news.

3) Frequency: Post regulary, engage with influencer accounts and people. Build your executive network, ask for shares and comments on posts, and join social media groups.

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