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3 lessons from 2020 to help your team win and stay ahead

Attaching a great overview (by Outreach) of the three key go-to-market lessons in this virtual realm we all find ourselves in as sales professionals. They are as follows:

Lesson 1: Sell nothing to sell better Traditional networking is no longer recognizable. Smart teams adapt by changing the way they bring people together as a community.

Market Changes ■ Major in-person networking opportunities are on pause ■ Success depends even more on trusted relationships ■ Overwhelmed customers seek understanding and true partnership

GTM Strategy Shifts ■ Build virtual communities of your own ■ Make connections customers need and want ■ Infuse empathy into every aspect of the customer experience

Lesson 2: Digital buying is here to stay Digital consumer experiences continue to dominate. Reps must lean on technology to understand customers and develop strong relationships.

Market Changes ■ B2B buyers demand focused, curated experiences ■ Sales cycles have gotten longer and more complex ■ Decision-makers demand faster time to value

GTM Strategy Shifts ■ Adhere to the “sell with me” concept ■ Demonstrate product value within the first 30 days ■ Double down on ABM

Lesson 3: Buyers buy on emotion and justify with facts Customers aren’t fully aware of why they choose to buy what they buy. Reps need new ways to identify, measure, and respond to emotive signals.

Market Changes ■ Customers are still buying, but are more discerning ■ Headcounts are declining in most sales organizations ■ Open rates and reply rates are outdated vanity metrics

GTM Strategy Shifts ■ Rely on actionable insights, and adapt to buyer sentiment ■ Leverage AI and machine learning to get ahead ■ Implement advanced digital tools for sales efficiency

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To download their PDF, please find it below:

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