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2023 Agenda - Latest Brief for the C-Suite

As questions around a looming recession persist, it feels like we may be stretching our hibernation far beyond necessary. C-level leaders are cautious, and some are struggling to take action or make investments, fearing wrong decisions.

However, that indecision is leading to drastically slower sales cycles and reduced win rates. Based on our diagnostics, interviews, and the one-on-one conversations we are having in early 23 with the C-suite, they remain optimistic.

Companies are still progressing, and they see opportunities with their existing clientele. New logo deals are difficult to close, but current customers have an increased appetite for cross-sell and up-sell offers. Our research and discussions reveal nearly half of net new bookings to come from new customers.

Based on what we are hearing and seeing from Heads of Sales/Revenue, you might consider adjusting those projections. Regardless of where your bookings come from this year, sales productivity should be top of mind. Is your team set up for success?

Our research at M. Allen suggests that it is not. Inside this brief, you will find our takes on various key topics, strategies, and areas that our clients are dealing with this year.

If you would like to learn or discover more about what we are seeing with our clients and prospects - the actions you can take, then let's sync over an initial 20-minute consult.

Cheers to learning, discovering and achieving!

Download PDF • 4.57MB

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