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11 HR Trends for 2024

  1. Resolving the productivity paradox: HR can leverage trusted tools and new tech to boost employee productivity.

  2. Tapping into the hidden workforce: HR can drive changes to make work more accessible and accommodating for untapped talent pools.

  3. The point of no return for DEIB: Companies will prioritize systemic DEIB efforts, facing public scrutiny if they fall short.

  4. HR driving climate change adaptation: HR's role expands to ensure employee well-being and business continuity in the face of climate change.

  5. From silos to solutions: HR evolves by adopting solution-focused multidisciplinary teams and rethinking fundamental HR skills.

  6. HR leans in: By recognizing its strategic value and receiving support, HR can change perceptions and drive more value for the business.

  7. HR meets PR: HR practitioners learn from Marketing and PR to drive value without causing damage under increased public scrutiny.

  8. AI-empowered workforce: HR empowers employees to safely and innovatively utilize generative AI technology.

  9. Shifting work-life balance to work-life fit: HR helps organizations adapt to diverse employee needs for flexibility and fairness.

  10. The end of BS jobs: HR seizes the opportunity to address flagging productivity and create meaningful jobs amidst technological advancements.

  11. From talent acquisition to talent access: HR focuses on identifying, unlocking, and nurturing existing talent within the organization.

Exciting times ahead for HR in 2024! Which trend are you most interested in? Let me know via

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